Frequently asked questions

If you dont’t find aswer to your question here, please send us email to and we are happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the costs for eOmistaja service, if I add more codes from tag?
eOmistaja service is free. You can add codes from tags to your account as much as you need.

Where I can buy more tags?
You can order more tags from verkkokaupastamme.

I got two sample packages, can I add both to my account?
Yes, you can and remember to register all codes from tags to your account. Only active tags work. Verkkokaupasta Here you can buy more tags stickers and keychains.

What founder will see about me when tag is found?
Founder will only see the code and the tag. Message is send by that. When you contact founder, you will choose how.

How many tags I can add to my account?
There is no limit, as much as you need. We have lot’s of stuff.

I have extra stickers, can I give them to my friends?
Tags are personal, but all family members can use one account

What about reward, do I need to pay reward or other expences about found items?
There is no extra costs for you when something is found, if you wish you may pay reward to founder.

I have sticker, what else do you have?
At the moment we have also keychains, if you some good ideas, please give us a tip.

Can I transfer codes to a different account?
Unfortunately at the moment that is not possible.

I want to carve safe marking to my bike, can I use code from my tag?

Yes, you can! Codes which are activated to your account, are just for you. If you use codes to other purposes, remember to also add at least and some other information like “Find the owner.”