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Q&A Smart Tags

  • How Smart tags works? Watch video here
  • What is NFC? NFC comes from words Near Field Communication, this is familiar technique from for example credit card payments
  • Will NFC reading work on all phones? Nowadays, almost every smartphone supports NFC reading, you can still ensure this from the features of your phone. 
  • I have NFC support on my phone, where can I activate it? The connection is made on most phones under "Settings" and "Connections". Menu location may vary by phone.  
  • How do I know where the phone's NFC reader is located? First, make sure your NFC reader is turned on and your phone's screen isn't locked. You will then find out the location of the reader as you move the smart tag slowly along the surface of the phone. When the phone responds to the tag, you know the location of the reader. The location of the reader is typically one of the following: bottom of back cover / center of back cover / top of back cover or top of front
  • Where should I put the tag on my phone? It's a good idea to put the tag on the back cover, but don't attach the tag over your phone's NFC reader. 
  • Can the screen be locked while reading a smart tag? No, the screen must always be unlocked before use 
  • How many times does the tag work? There is no limit to the use of the tag, you will always receive an email when your item is reported as found. For text messages, the number is limited to 5 per identifier. .
  • I got a tag from a company for free, but it doesn't work with text messaging? There may be differences in branded tag services for companies, depending on whether the Company has selected an SMS service for its tags. However, emails always work. Tags purchased from us always include 5 text messages per tag. 
  • Does the finder see my contact information? No, we don't show your information to the finder through our service. 
  • I sold my computer with the tag attached. Can I transfer the tag to a new owner? You can release that tag through your own control panel. The new owner can then register the tag for themselves. 
  • Will there be any other costs associated with using the smart tag? No. You only pay the price of the tag. The price includes messaging services and use is free for both the owner and the finder. 
  • Do the tags work outside Finland? Yes it works. The service is available worldwide. . 
  • There were 3 tags in the package, Can I give one of the tags to a friend? Yes you can, each tag can be registered for a different user. 
  • I already have one ID registered, how can I register another ID for the same user? The second identifier is registered in the same way as the first. When you use the same email as the first one to sign up, the ID will automatically sign in to the same account .

Smart tags