Don't trust your luck, mark the goods

Home insurance does not compensate for lost goods


Smart tags to your goods

You can imagine the feeling when you find yourself or a family member missing something important! Car or home keys, a phone, an important toy for a child, etc. The emergency, the search, and any additional costs it incurs. 

Probably someone has found your stuff fast! But no one can return it to you. Finns are honest and the majority would like to return the goods they find if it were possible and easy. 

Now is! Smart tags allow the finder of the item to communicate directly with the item found for you. You will receive a text message and an email about the found item with the contact information of the finder. The finder can't see your information! 

Tags can be read using the NFC feature of your phone or tablet. Today, almost every smart device is equipped with the NFC feature. If in doubt, check the settings on your phone or tablet