Safety instructions

When your item is reported as found!

With a 99.9% probability, your item has been found by an honest person who wants to return your item.

But it's always good to remember a few things to follow.

Found keys

Do not reveal your name or address

1. If you call the finder, put #31# in front of the finder's phone number.

In this case, your phone number will not be visible to the other party.

2. If you use e-mail, use an address where your full name is not visible.

3. Do not give any information other than your first name over phone or via email.

Found phones and computers

1. Never tell the finder by phone or e-mail the PIN code or password of the phone or computer. However, you may have to prove ownership by opening the phone in front of the finder. This is normal, but still perform the opening yourself.

Found wallets or payment cards

1. Never tell the finder bank IDs or PIN codes of payment cards.

Discovery reward

A private finder is entitled to a discovery fee if he wishes. This is also defined in the law.

The finder's fee is 10% of the fair value of the item found, or at least €4.

There is no need to pay a discovery fee for institutional finds, or if the found item has been delivered to the police.