Tag for pet

"How many times have you worried about your pet running away? Searching for a lost pet can be heartbreaking. But now you can easily and worry-free ensure your pet's safety with the 'Bring Me Back' tags!

Why choose Bring Me Back Tags for your pet?

Anonymous Security: Protect your information and mark your pet with an anonymous tag. The finder can contact the owner through the tag, and there is no need to read a chip.

Lightweight and Unobtrusive: The tag has a diameter of 25mm and is easily attached to your pet's collar. It is lightweight and does not disturb your pet in any way.

Instant Notifications at Your Fingertips: With the Bring Me Back service, the finder can immediately notify you when your pet is found. And most importantly, the finder does not see your contact information, ensuring your privacy. The service includes 10 text message notifications and unlimited email notifications.

QR Code: The tag functions with a QR code that can be easily scanned with a phone camera. No need for special reading devices.

No Hidden Costs: The Bring Me Back service is very easy to set up, and best of all, it has no monthly fees or hidden costs. You pay only once and get security for your pet for a long time.

Note for hotmail.com Email Users: Please note that there may be issues with the communication of hotmail.com emails. We recommend using another email address, if possible, to ensure you receive important notifications about your pet's safety.

Choose Bring Me Back Tags for Your Pet, and you'll know that the finder of your pet can always get in touch with you."

12.90 €